Welcome back!

Hello National Honor Society warriors!

We hope this school year is off to a great start for you. Our first meeting of the school year is next week on Thursday, September 13th. You will be released after passing time and meet in the cafeteria. A full list of meeting dates for the year will be posted soon.

Remember to bring your service forms from the summer to the meeting.

Thank you!

– NHS Officers

March 19th meeting

Hello NHS warriors!

We were excited to have our first meeting as your new NHS officers.

During this meeting, we discussed volunteer opportunities. To see the volunteer opportunities, please check the VOLUNTEER menu bar. More information on the letter writing campaign is attached at the bottom of this post.

We now have a basket in Mrs. Smith’s room (E-5) where you can turn in hours. Seniors remember that next month is the last month to turn in your hours.

We also introduced our new committees. Thank you for signing up! Committees are a way for members to feel more like a part of a club, rather than just an honor roll. They look great on a college application!

Volunteer Committee: Ditte, Nicole, Pearl, Hailee

Inductions Committee: Pearl, Martin, Leina, Habiba, Shuyi

Please talk to an NHS Exec Member or send us an email so we can have your contact information. If you are interested but your name is not here just talk to us.

IMPORTANT: Inductions will begin at 6:30pm – 8pm on May 3rd. This is MANDATORY for all members to attend. We will be taking attendance there, and a no show will result in no medal senior year.

NOTE: Seniors, all hours are DUE at the April meeting on the 16th. NO EXEMPTION! All hours required must be in by then!

Below are the best ways to stay connected with NHS to stay updated with our meetings, volunteer opportunities, etc. If you any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! Contact forms are located below the CONTACT menu bar!

NHS Remind App: Text @6922h6 to 81010 (more info on the side), the NHS blog (nhswarriors.wordpress.com) , Canvas

We are very excited to create a new, more streamlined, synergized and unified NHS.

Thank you!

– NHS Officers



February 14th Meeting (Valentine’s Day)

Hello NHS Warriors!

We’re sorry we had to move the Friday meeting to a Valentine’s day but we wanted to keep you updated that this meeting was an important one, as well as our last meeting as officers.

Just a reminder that hours expiration is a real thing, and we will no longer accept any hour sheets that have expired within the next month of your service. We are doing this because we want to keep all members on the right track of getting your hours done and knowing who needs more opportunities in order to finish your requirements.

Hours Expiration: Hours are due a month from the date of hours you’ve done them.

As we have not fully enforced lately and were lenient, we are going to give a ONE time exception to all the services done in January. All the January hours can be turn in the March meeting. Therefore, all January and February hours need to be in by the March meeting on Monday, March 19th. Even though we have the status tab on the blog, we’re sending out a reminder slip every other month so that you’ll know how many hours you need left, completed, and are required. (EXCEPTIONS: Seniors will receive one this February and March and no more further on.)

IMPORTANT: Seniors and Juniors are to be present at the next MANDATORY CEREMONY for the next NHS inductees membership on Thursday, May 3rd 2018. A set time will be sent out later on the following month, but to give you an average, it’ll be around 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Attendance will be checked, so please be there. This is a MANDATORY, we repeat. No show will result in no medal your Senior year.

At this meeting, we discussed more volunteer opportunities as well give all members an opportunity to voice your opinion in the bylaws and what you don’t agree with it so that we can make the Society better. To see more Volunteer opportunities, please check the Volunteer tab.

As we’ve said in the beginning, this Valentine’s day was our last meeting we hosted, and at the next meeting, you be guide by your new 2018 officers, class of 2019 Paul Mitalipov, Nathan Hernandez, Maria Truong, Cooper Lee, and Nyah Songster.

21418 NHS Meeting

21418 NHS Meeting (1)2%2F14%2F18 NHS Meeting .jpg

Fourth Meeting – January

Our most recent meeting was ELECTIONS!

Thank you to all our participating nominees for all your intelligent, strong words!

Here are the results for the incoming 2018-19 NHS Officers:

President — Paul Mitalipov

Vice President — Nathan Hernandez

Secretary — Maria Truong

Treasurer — Cooper Lee

Public Relations — Nyah Songster

Congratulations to our incoming officers! We are excited to see all that they accomplish!

Reminder for new officers: FEBRUARY 21st (Wednesday) is the mandatory officer training! There no exceptions, you MUST attend.

Please keep in mind:

SENIORS: hours are due before April 16th! You must complete 48 hours before the 16th in order to receive your medal.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Form!

Thank you!

– NHS Officers

Third Meeting – December

Our third NHS meeting was focused around leadership, specifically, elections!

Elections will take place during our next meeting, JANUARY 19th (Friday)! If you are thinking of running, please make sure you are available for mandatory officer training: FEB 10 (Saturday) — no exceptions, this is mandatory!

If you interested in running, please keep these requirements in mind:

  • If interested, please write your name on the election sign up sheet!  You may also contact us by replying to the Remind texts or filling out the Contact form located on the blog.
  • Whether you are running unopposed or not, all candidates are REQUIRED to prepare a speech for January 19th!
  • Voting will be held on the 19th for candidates running for the same officer position


To see the duties of the different officer positions, please refer to the attached slides! Officer positions include president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and public relations!

If you are interested in running, please make sure to contact us with your name, ID #, and which position you wish to run for by JANUARY 10th!

Good luck!

– NHS Officers

NEW Volunteering Opportunity!

NHS Members!

If you are interested, the Beaverton STARS are looking for volunteers!

The Beaverton Stars is a colorguard program for students with special needs! They are looking for peer helper volunteers to help with one-on-one interactions! This is a great ongoing opportunity!

If you are interested or would like more information, please refer to the flyer attached below where you can find volunteer times as well as contact information! Information has also been posted on the Canvas page.

Beaverton STARS volunteer flyer 2017-18 general version

– NHS Officers

Second Meeting – 10/27/20

NHS members –

Thank you to all members who were able to attend the meeting today! For those who were unable to attend due to various circumstances, here is a summary of the meeting!

Today’s meeting was based around scholarship, one of the four NHS pillars. Many of our members are seniors and since it is around the time that seniors are applying and getting ready for college, we had Ms. Bondra stop by to talk to us about different resources, scholarships, and other important college information. Here are some of the main points she discussed:

  • Scholarships
  • FAFSA (should be done by 10/31!) — for more information, there is a FAFSA workshop at the CCC (10/31) during Access Tutorial
  • Standardized Tests
  • Common App

For volunteer opportunities:


  • Friday, October 27th (2:30 – Midnight)
  • Saturday, October 28th (9 am – 2 pm)

Below are additional volunteer opportunities! For further information, please fill out a contact form or check Canvas!


The attendance policy for NHS has changed! If you have not yet learned about the new policy or would like additional information, please visit the ATTENDANCE menu tab (https://nhswarriors.wordpress.com/attendance/). This is also where you will find the absence form!


Juniors: Must have your dues paid and receipt turned in before the start of WINTER BREAK (December 20th)

Seniors: Must have your dues turned in before the start of THANKSGIVING BREAK (November 20th)

These due dates are NON-NEGOTIABLE and will result in a member’s removal from NHS. Please turn in receipts to our treasurer, Trinh Pham.


We have now added a way for members to track how many hours they have completed, how many they have remaining, as well as when their dues were paid. Please visit the STATUS menu tab (https://nhswarriors.wordpress.com/status/) to this information! Please keep in mind that when service hours or dues’ receipts are turned in, NHS officers will try to update the list as soon as possible!


If you would like to get informations regarding upcoming meeting dates, volunteer opportunities, sign ups, etc. Below are ways to get connected with NHS, and our announcements.

NHS Remind App: Text @6922h6 to 81010 (More info. on the side), the NHS blog (nhswarriors.wordpress.com) , Canvas

If you any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! Contact forms are located below the CONTACT menu bar!

Once again, thank you to all members who attended this meeting!

NEXT MEETING: December 7th in the cafeteria from 8:15 – 9!

Thank you!

– NHS Officers

First Meeting – 9/29/2017

Hello AHS National Honor Society members!

Today was our first meeting, and thank you to all the members who were able to make it! To those who were excused for Theater, AVID, or College field trips, here is a brief summary of today’s meeting.

  • Introductions
  • Attendance
  • Goals, 4 Pillars
  • NHS Contact / Informations
  • LLS Project
  • Volunteer Opportunities

With the new year, NHS’s attendance policy has changed and all officers will be very strict on it. As today is the first meeting, and not everyone knew about the “Absence Form,” we are able to give all members who were no-show, a freebie. Our next meeting is 10/27/2017, please work out your schedule so that you will be able to make it to this meeting, if not, please fill out an absence form before the meeting date to get it count as an excused absence, as well as you must have a pre-arranged excused absence in the school’s attendance system. (For more information on the attendance policy: https://nhswarriors.wordpress.com/attendance/)

For our chapter together this 2017-18 year, we will be centering our meetings over the course of the school year around the different pillars. We will have the opportunity to work on each pillar: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

If you would like to get informations regarding upcoming meeting dates, volunteer opportunities, sign ups, etc. Below are ways to get connected with NHS, and our announcements.

NHS Remind AppText @6922h6 to 81010 (More info. on the side), the NHS blog (nhswarriors.wordpress.com) , Canvas.

Below are some volunteer opportunities as well as scholarship projects if you are interested. For further information, please fill out a contact form, or check Canvas.

    • LLS Project (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) (Contact Ms. Carrier)
    • THPRD (http://www.thprd.org/connect/volunteer/needed-now)
    • Kaiser Permanente (Volunteer & Scholarships)
    • Beaverton City Library: Jennifer Johnson
    • Oregon Food Bank
    • Concession Games (Football, Volleyball, etc.)
    • SHINE (Kinnaman Elementary School)
    • Hands On Portland (https://www.handsonportland.org)
    • Homecoming (Ms. L) Decoration Creation: October 7th, 14th, & 21st (10am -3pm) Set Up: October 27th (2:30pm – 12pm)  & October 28th (9am – 2pm)

Thank you to all NHS Warriors who made it to the meeting, and to all those who couldn’t make it and didn’t fill out an absence form, it is okay, as today’s meeting was a pass-freebie.

As all meeting dates are posted on Canvas and the blog, you need to have rearranged your arrangements so that it does not affect your attendance in NHS as we only have ONE meeting, in ONE access tutorial class, every ONE month.

Any further questions, please fill out a form: https://nhswarriors.wordpress.com/contact/

Thank you!

– NHS Officers

Welcome Back!

Hello AHS National Honor Society members!

We hope this school year is off to a great start for you. We had originally set our first meeting for next Wednesday (9/27), but need to change that due to a senior metting now scheduled for that morning.

We will have our first meeting next Friday, September 29th beginning at 8:30 AM in the Cafeteria. (There is a junior meeting for the first 30 minutes of Access Tutorial, so if you are a Junior, please head to the cafeteria as soon as that meeting is finished.)

For this upcoming meeting, 9/29, please remember to bring your service forms you did over the summer. If you have not paid your NHS fees, please pay as soon as possible to the bookkeeper and keep your receipt to give to our treasurer, Trinh Pham.

As a National Honor Society member, you have made a commitment to making time for the Society as well as attending ALL meetings. The same applies for any early college students. Due to schedule difficulties of many members last year, we are changing our meeting system to once a month during access. As a result, it is crucial you attend all meetings as we will not offer any make up meetings this year.

Thank you!

– NHS Officers

Volunteer Opportunity – Warrior Day

Hello AHS National Honor Society members!

We hope you’re all having a great summer and just wanted to check in and remind you if you haven’t already, to send in your completed service forms or any volunteer pictures via email (nhsaloha@gmail.com).

With the 2017-2018 year coming in less than a month, we’d like to remind you that all NHS meeting dates and time will be printed on your Access Tutorial calendars. Another friendly reminder, if you have not signed up for the text reminder app which gets you quick notifications about meetings, volunteering opportunities, and many more, text @6922h6 to 81010 (Make sure to include the @ symbol)

*This is the NEW reminder code, upcoming seniors who signed up last year, please text to this one to be updated

Also, with school arriving so soon, we have a volunteer opportunity for NHS students on Warrior Days (Aug. 22nd & 23rd). There is a variety of jobs in which you can help with, from passing out schedules, handing out flyers, handing name cards for ID pictures, etc. There’s multiple shifts you can choose from!

Sign-up sheet: goo.gl/12Cwgh

Tuesday, Aug.22 7:45 -12:3012:45-4:00

Wednesday, Aug 23 12:30-430, 4:30-7:15

Please show up at the time slot you signed up for as it is extremely inconvenience for staffs to deal with no shows.

Thank you, members, and for the upcoming inductees, please don’t forget to pay your NHS dues on Warrior Day and keep the receipt to turn it into our treasurer, Trinh Pham.

Thank you!

– NHS Officers